How to Optimize All Three Steps of Delivery

Find the best way to load trucks, route drivers, and navigate the last 500ft of a delivery

1. From fulfillment centers to trucks

To start cutting down on delivery time, look to where the day begins — at the distribution center. Drivers who have their trucks loaded according to their route simply grab one package after another with swift ease. Alternatively, trucks loaded without a defined plan waste a driver’s time, increase frustration, and cause them to fall behind schedule.

2. From one address to another

For years, the main focus of deliveries has rested upon the logistics of moving packages from one address to another in the quickest way possible. There are hundreds of companies that specialize in optimizing routes as a result. The high level of competition amongst routing companies means better products at better prices. As such, you should expect more from your chosen routing and dispatch provider than just route optimization.

3. From truck to doorstep

The last 500ft of a delivery is often overlooked, but it plays a critical role in ensuring efficient deliveries. Almost every routing software available offers no guidance to drivers on how to get from GPS’s marked address to the actual front door of a delivery. In residential areas, this may be fine. But drivers who make deliveries within large apartment complexes, college campuses, hospitals, etc. can end up wasting hours each day trying to locate the correct delivery location.

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Providers who optimize all three steps of delivery for you

Most routing companies only fulfill step two of the three steps outlined above. In today’s fast-paced climate, it’s simply not enough. Trucks need to be optimized to match a driver’s route and once a driver arrives at complex destinations, like hospitals or apartment complexes, they need to know where to park, enter, and how to find the exact delivery location.

  • Integrated Lytx VEDR technology
  • Scanning to let drivers optimize unscanned packages to current route
  • Integrated Fleet Response safety training
  • Access codes
  • Icons to show where to park, enter, and deliver within large complexes
  • Proof of delivery
  • Package locker locations
  • Pin colors that reveal position of packages on a truck
  • Analytics on how drivers are performing
  • AI-generated timesheets and scheduling


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