Beans Route Now Provides Safety Training for FedEx ISP Drivers

One Hundred Feet, Inc.
4 min readOct 9, 2020


ISPs can now enroll drivers in ongoing training directly in Beans Route

As a FedEx Ground contractor, you know what it’s like to live a hectic life. Overloaded trucks, unscanned packages, system crashes, failed deliveries, and sick drivers are just a few problems you may face in a day. So it’s easy to see why managing drivers’ safety training progress isn’t always top of mind.

Thankfully, Beans Route, a FedEx approved routing and dispatching toolkit, simplified the process of reviewing drivers’ training status by adding a passing or failing mark by each driver’s name in the Beans Route’s Drivers & Dispatchers list. This additional feature was made possible through Beans Route’s recent partnership with Fleet Response, a leading safety solution for drivers.

This new collaboration allows you to sign drivers up for safety training directly in Beans Route and easily monitor their progress without needing to open a separate app or website.

How it works

Safety training can be turned on in your Beans Route account settings. Once this feature is enabled, Fleet Response automatically enrolls all your drivers in ongoing training. Drivers receive a continuous flow of emails regarding upcoming training with direct links to complete the required training. This automatic feature allows you to be less involved in the training process, while providing heightened visibility of each driver’s training status.

“It’s easy now for ISPs to identify which drivers require training,” said Jerry Veres, Fleet Response’s director of safety. “The pass or fail grade of a driver appears directly on the ISP’s Beans Route account.”

The pass or fail grade is extremely easy to spot on your Drivers & Dispatchers list. The grade is automatically updated after every training session a driver completes. To find out further information about a particular driver’s training activity, simply tap or click on a driver’s name. Records for each completed training appear in green, along with the number of attempts it took a driver to complete a session and their score. Uncompleted training appears in red and upcoming training in yellow.

An example of what you’ll see when a driver’s name is selected.

This accessible report makes it easy for you to be aware of your drivers’ strengths and weaknesses in the realm of safety. If a driver makes multiple attempts on one particular training, then you can know to carry out additional training to ensure safe driving.

Why safety training is important

When you send out a team of drivers to make deliveries, a certain level of trust must be established. Accidents due to poor driving can be extremely costly, especially if the driver isn’t up-to-date on his or her training.

As required by FedEx standards, all FedEx drivers must be enrolled in ongoing safety training. ISPs who fail to keep drivers up-to-date on training become liable up to $10,000 per at-fault accident and also risk losing their contract.

With the safety training status added right in Beans Route’s Drivers & Dispatchers list, you can quickly identify any driver failing safety training and take swift action to get the employee up to speed, thereby avoiding potential penalties and negative repercussions.

Beans Route’s decision to partner with Fleet Response

The company that made the Beans Route app, One Hundred Feet Inc., is known for its ability to partner with leading companies in order to push out the best products and services. Fleet Response’s impressive ongoing training program for FedEx drivers gives Beans Route clients the opportunity to seamlessly enroll and manage their drivers’ safety training progress.

“At Beans Route we are focused on making delivering easier for drivers and remove all unknowns from their route.” said Nitin Gupta, CEO at Beans Route. “It’s only natural for us to partner with the best-of-breed safety solution for Fedex Ground ISPs and make it easier for our customers to stay compliant.”

The integration of Fleet Response’s passing or failing grade on Beans Route’s Drivers and Dispatchers list provides you with the convenient tools you need to keep up with FedEx Ground’s safety standards.

How to get started

To enroll your drivers in Fleet Response’s ongoing safety training program, go to your Beans Route account and sign up under settings. If you’re currently not using Beans Route as your primary routing and dispatching application, contact us for a demo or free trial.

Beans Route doesn’t just stand out for its new safety training feature. Currently, Beans Route is the only routing and dispatching application that directs drivers the last 500ft of a delivery, straight to the front door. On apartment-heavy routes, this precise data can save drivers over 20% on delivery time. For more information, visit