Beans Route Now Provides Safety Training for FedEx ISP Drivers

How it works

Safety training can be turned on in your Beans Route account settings. Once this feature is enabled, Fleet Response automatically enrolls all your drivers in ongoing training. Drivers receive a continuous flow of emails regarding upcoming training with direct links to complete the required training. This automatic feature allows you to be less involved in the training process, while providing heightened visibility of each driver’s training status.

An example of what you’ll see when a driver’s name is selected.

Why safety training is important

When you send out a team of drivers to make deliveries, a certain level of trust must be established. Accidents due to poor driving can be extremely costly, especially if the driver isn’t up-to-date on his or her training.

Beans Route’s decision to partner with Fleet Response

The company that made the Beans Route app, One Hundred Feet Inc., is known for its ability to partner with leading companies in order to push out the best products and services. Fleet Response’s impressive ongoing training program for FedEx drivers gives Beans Route clients the opportunity to seamlessly enroll and manage their drivers’ safety training progress.

How to get started

To enroll your drivers in Fleet Response’s ongoing safety training program, go to your Beans Route account and sign up under settings. If you’re currently not using Beans Route as your primary routing and dispatching application, contact us for a demo or free trial.



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