Survive Peak Season With the Help of Auto Scheduling

One Hundred Feet, Inc.
3 min readNov 24, 2020


Peak season’s only days away. Last year’s chaos may still be fresh in your memory, but it was only a warm up for what’s coming this holiday season. According to Deloitte, this year’s e-commerce sales are expected to increase by 25% to 35% when compared to last year.

With those numbers in mind, it’s a good idea to set up time-saving systems, like auto scheduling, that will help you get through the craziness.

What is auto scheduling?

Instead of scribbling down names on a calendar every few weeks or manually inputting drivers schedules on a Google Doc, automatic scheduling does all the heavy lifting for you. Once your drivers’ names are uploaded to an auto-scheduling system, intelligent software creates a work schedule based on your previous timesheets.

Depending on what auto scheduler you use, schedules can be made every week, two weeks, or month. Monthly schedules are preferable since it gives drivers and you more time to plan ahead.

Who offers auto scheduling?

Many companies offer auto scheduling. However, most charge anywhere from $2-$5 per person and require you to log into a separate system, adding one more program for you and your drivers to open up and check.

If you’re looking for an integrated solution, Beans Route, a FedEx Ground routing and dispatch toolkit, recently added a free, auto-scheduling feature that all Beans Route users can access and use.

Using A.I., monthly schedules are created based on previous timesheet metrics. This schedule is immediately made available to all drivers through the Beans Route app.

Digital schedules accessible on their routing app makes it easy for drivers to check their schedule and quickly notify you of any conflicting arrangements. Time-off requests are also handled directly in the app and instantly become visible to A.O.’s and B.C.’s for approval.

Another benefit of Beans Route’s auto-scheduling feature is the time in/out element, which accurately records your drivers’ work hours. A log of

More ways to save time during peak season

Auto scheduling is only one of the many ways ISPs can cut down by choosing a routing and dispatch app like Beans Route. Other time-saving features include:

  • Package scanning with automatic route optimization
  • Precise apartment navigation data
  • Customized pins and notes for particular locations
  • Integrated safety training with easy-to-see training status
  • The ability for drivers to move pins for rural & commercial stops

As of now, Beans Route is currently the only routing and dispatch application that provides all of these features.

Final words

This time of the year has ISPs rushing around faster than all the busy, holiday shoppers. Make sure you implement all the time-saving features you can now while there’s still time to get ahead.

Apps like Beans Route gives ISPs and drivers a leg up from competition by providing features that meet the specific needs of FedEx Ground deliveries.

If you’re interested in seeing a demo of how Beans Route can make this peak season your best one yet, visit