How Enhanced Geospatial Data Profits Waste Management Companies

Create data points to navigate drivers to within 10ft. of bins, cans, dumpsters, and other waste containers

Create more efficient routes by adding pins to mark the exact location of each pickup site.

Problems caused by lack of navigation to waste pickup sites

Normal GPS navigates drivers to addresses — not to individual trash cans, bins, or collection sites. Drivers are then left to search for waste containers alongside busy streets, around large industrial buildings, throughout apartment complexes, and other challenging locations where it’s difficult to turn around or make simple corrections due to the vehicle’s large, clunky size.

  • Confused drivers
  • Decreased driver safety
  • Slower route times
  • High churn rate
  • Distracted drivers
  • Missed bins or containers
  • Reruns to collect missed bins
  • Increased cost per route when reruns occur
  • Lower customer satisfaction
  • Increased route time variation based on driver experience
  • Wider collection windows

Benefits of creating data points to mark specific locations

Waste management companies have the option to supply drivers with innovative software that allows them to create data points to mark the exact location of bins, dumpsters, and other waste containers. Benefits from precise data creation include increased profits, driver retention, and driver safety.

  1. Increased profits.

How to create data points for waste containers

Beans Route, a complete end-to-end business management solution, works with waste management companies to create location markers for each bin, can, or waste container they collect. The software’s app allows drivers to drop pins throughout their route to mark containers and save them for future reference. These data markers are visible to the rest of the team as well.

Beans Route navigates drivers to within 10ft. of a pickup location through the use of waypoints and pins.
  • AI-powered route planning and dispatch
  • Customer notifications and driver tracking
  • Timesheets and scheduling
  • Fully integrated electronic logging device (ELD) solution
  • Clock in/clock out
  • Route progress in dispatcher
  • Device agnostic
  • Ability to drop pins and draw maps
  • 3-minute driver training
  • 24/7 US-based support
  • No contracts



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